What is specialty coffee:

Specialty coffee is the top of the line in the coffee world. These are the best coffees, the best lots, where special attention is paid throughout the chain of production, processing, export, storage, roasting and preparation. More specifically, specialty coffee is defined by several criteria:
- Its traceability and control over the entire chain.
- A green coffee which must have zero category 1 defects (broken bean, abnormal color, stone ...) and less than 5 category 2 defects (insect defect, coffee still in parchment, ...) on a sample of 350grs (a fault score is assigned to validate or not this criterion).
- An exceptional distinctive taste element: body, flavor, aroma or acidity.


Are your coffees fresh? :

Yes, they are from the last harvests and are therefore considered fresh. You will then find the roasting date under our packages. A fresh coffee guarantees aromatic intensity and an exceptional cup profile. However, it is recommended to wait a few days after the roasting date before consuming your coffees. We suggest a degassing time of 2 days for the filter (coffee makers, plunger, gentle methods) and one week for the espresso or the Italian coffee maker.


Are your coffees certified organic? :

Some of our coffees have the organic export label. For the others, the producers or cooperatives with whom we work, cultivate their lands and trees in a reasoned way. Their investment choices focus on their infrastructure and land rather than purchasing the organic label, which is very expensive for small independent producers.


You buy coffee for your business or you are a coffee professional:

We would be delighted to provide you with coffee / office / restaurant and to advise (at appropriate prices) coffee machines that meet your needs ...
For more information you can contact us:


Shipping information:

Orders leave from our roast every Thursday. They are sent by post or delivered by bicycle scooter in the city center of Marseille.

We deliver by Chronopost 48 hours in mainland France. 

For a quick shipment of the last roast, please order before Tuesday 8 p.m.