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The confidential guide to Brittany
The essential for your life or visit to Brittany.

PAPIER is halfway between a travel book and a guide to local life. Combining confidential addresses and portraits of artisans, chefs, producers and local artists, this hybrid guide is a tribute to the committed movement that revalues ​​the terroir and sharing. 

Contents of this second volume:

- Gifted chefs from all over Brittany
- A trip to the sea with a committed pot maker
- Intimate accommodations
- A cider house like no other
- An artist-researcher

Photography by the duo Mamie Boude 
Text by the author Valentine Cinier 


Guide Papier Brittany
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Dimensions  : 22 x 15 cm
Details  : 160 pages
High-end paper
Printing in the Basque Country