• Soho House vol .1

Soho House vol .1

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230 x 300 mm, 132 pages
Chief content officer: Jonathan Heaf
Editorial creative director: Andrew Diprose
Art director: Mary Lees

This is the first issue of a new mag by the Soho House private club group. The eponymously named magazine is for both members and non-members, and is a punchy offering of interviews, features and reviews, all focused on fresh talent. The cultural serving comes with a side of Soho-related content – secrets, photos and stories from Houses all around the world.

On the Journal:
At work with Andrew Diprose: ‘The magazine features lots of profiles from our first Soho House Awards, celebrating established and championing emerging talent... In print, it’s 128 pages and frankly a riot of colour. We wanted to create something fresh, exciting and optimistic (don’t we need it now?) Nick Jones, the founder, wanted to shake up the small, black and white language of the Soho House of the past. We wanted to create something bold and bright and full. Nothing po-faced or mean.’