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Chill Pills Decaf

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For those who want to enjoy their coffee without the side effects of caffeine; try our Chill Pills, our decaffeinated offering whose composition changes according to seasonality and arrivals.

This version of Chill Pills comes from Ethiopia, precisely from the Limmu Kossa region, and is certified organic. In addition, it is decaffeinated with C02 to preserve all its exquisite taste and everything is produced with love by the talented Genet Seifu. Take a sip and breathe...ahhh, peace.

Limmu Kossa, Oromo, Ethiopia
74110, 74140 and 74145
Farm system
Independent producer, Genet Seifu
Logistics partner
Roasting style
Filter or Espresso
Tasting notes
Lemon balm flower, Honeycomb, Pomelo

Harvest year

Quantity purchased in 2023

C02 decaffeination

The CO2 decaffeination process is a method of extracting caffeine from green coffee beans. It uses supercritical carbon dioxide to dissolve the caffeine and recover it, while leaving the other compounds in coffee intact. Among its advantages, we can cite its low toxicity and its effectiveness in eliminating up to 99% of caffeine. Its energy cost is higher than traditional decaffeination methods, however it generally retains the flavor and aroma of coffee better than other methods.

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